Problems? Solved.

Design is quintessentially the process of solving problems. In UX, these are often the concerns of our users. As any experienced designer knows, sometimes problems are not customer facing. Learn more about the various solutions I’ve created for the business problems I’ve encountered.

Moving Beyond MVP

As the Product Design Manager for TackleBox, our suite of internal games operations tools at Big Fish Games, I extended the vision of the project past the “MVP”, or minimum viable product, and into the future.

Severing Ties To Expensive SaaS

As the Lead Product Designer of this project, I defined the experience for an online tool that enabled Big Fish Games to save thousands of dollars each month. Additionally, our new product provided features that were custom-tailored to our own users. No more “one size fits all” solution.

Providing a Mobile Optimized Web Experience

In conjunction with an effort to comply with Google’s Mobile-Friendliness ranking requirements, Big Fish Games wanted to provide a better mobile experience to its customers. As the Lead Product Designer for this redesign, I was able to deliver a usable and delightful mobile-friendly site.

But wait, there's more!

Like my portfolio, there are many projects in the sea. Or fish. Regardless, please peruse some examples of design deliverables I’ve created over the years.

Microinteractions Study
Intrepid Learning Checklist